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Free import of pallets and packages from EU countries and non-European destinations

We will arrange the import of express documents, packages, and pallets from all over the world. We will pick your shipment up at any address abroad and deliver it to the recipient by air or land transport.

Whether you need a reliable shipping service for your fragile goods or express pallet shipping, we offer the perfect solution for import to the Czech Republic with major carriers, such as UPS, TNT, FedEx, and others. Thanks to our long years of experience with international carriers, we can help you select the most suitable method of shipping, arrange customs clearance, and document processing.
We provide import of shipments sensitive to security or delivery time worldwide and at very low prices. If you appreciate reliability, speed, and comfort, ship with us. Thanks to our many years of experience with international carriers, we can help you choose the most suitable mode of transport, up to customs clearance and document processing. We provide delivery of import shipments sensitive to security or delivery time from around the world and at very low prices. If you like reliability, speed and comfort, send with us.

We offer pickup of the shipment at your address, insurance up to € 95,2 free of charge, and many other benefits.

Fees for imports from outside the EU

  • Every shipment sent from outside the European Union (except for an express letter) is subject to customs duties and VAT and must be accompanied by an invoice. We will provide you with the basic documentation that is required for customs clearance. We will provide you with the basic documentation that is required for customs clearance of the shipment
  • As the recipient of a shipment from abroad, you will pay the required VAT on the value of the goods and a duty on the total weight. Please do not confuse these costs with the shipping fees paid by the sender when sending the shipment.
  • Customs and VAT are charged to us as the clients, so it is necessary to pay us a deposit for these fees in the amount of 20% of the value of the goods and the amount of postage + a fee of € 28 for arranging customs clearance. Any overpayment is, of course, refunded to you. You can pay for the service either by bank transfer or credit card.

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We offer comprehensive services for export and import of shipments.

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Fast, from Ostrava to Brussels in 3 days. On time pick up service, updates via email, easy to track your parcel.

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Everything went perfect! Great service good prices.

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