Cash on delivery service is currently suspended

Countries to which it is possible to send cash on delivery shipment

Cash on delivery can be used in all EU countries, as well as in Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.

If you require payment for the goods from the recipient, use the cash-on-delivery service. The maximum amount for cash on delivery is 3,000 €.

  • Service price: 15.35 €

Cash on delivery is paid only through the logistics partner UPS, and payment is possible only to a Czech bank account.

How will cash on delivery be paid?

It depends on which bank account you fill in when sending packages. Our system supports several options for sending cash on delivery:

  • to a Czech account maintained in CZK
  • to a Slovak account maintained in EUR

At what exchange rate will the money be paid out

  • If you enter a Czech account maintained in CZK, the cash on delivery money will be converted at the exchange rate from EUR to CZK and sent to your account in CZK.
  • If you enter a Slovak account maintained in EUR, you will receive the exact amount that you enter when filling out cash on delivery to our system.

How will you record payments for multiple cash on delivery

  • For each cash-on-delivery shipment, you will receive one payment to your account with a variable symbol, which you also select when entering addresses into the system.