Do you work in a museum or a gallery? Are you organizing a trade fair, or are you an art lover and would like to send a painting or a work of art? Then, you’ve come to the right place. We will arrange the transport of works of art and paintings for you at reasonable prices.

How to send a picture or other valuable item

How to pack paintings and works of art

  • For packaging, get high-quality packaging material to prevent mechanical damage.
  • For transport, it is best to use a cardboard box made of five-layer cardboard suitable for transporting paintings. This box is narrow, and it is easier to fix the transported pictures in it with the help of filling materials.
  • Wrap the paintings in bubble wrap and fixing film, and reinforce with corrugated paperboard or cardboard. Special polystyrene profiles which prevent movement and protect the image from damage are also a good idea. Put the wrapped painting in the box.

More tips for shipping works of art

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