Pallets and oversized shipments to the Czech Republic and internationally

We offer pallets' transportation and shipping of oversized cargos to the Czech Republic, the EU countries, and the rest of the world.

We offer a fast and efficient service from pickup to delivery at your apartment or office. We have many years of experience providing transportation services for companies and private individuals to European and global destinations. Our pallet deliveries are provided only by the most reliable carriers.


If you are shipping pallets for the first time, our experienced team will answer all your customs clearance or import and express transport questions. Once you create an order, we will arrange the shipment pickup. We offer insurance up to 91.54 € free of charge.

How to ship a pallet

  • If you do not have a pallet truck to facilitate the loading of goods, please inform us before picking them up.
  • When transporting pallets to countries outside the EU, attaching a customs invoice to the consignment is important.
  • The customs invoice informs the local customs authority about the goods you are sending and why. Each item included in the shipment should be listed on the invoice and its value.
  • All of our services include tracking. Enter the shipment number in the appropriate shipment tracking field to track a shipment.


You are sure to save with us, whether you send once or use our services regularly. You can save up to 75 % of the regular price by working with us.

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