Transporting of tires and wheels

International and domestic shipping of wheels and tires at the lowest prices.

Do you need to transport tires, rims, or wheels abroad? We will help you ship this product to the Czech Republic and internationally. Companies and private individuals can use our export and import transport services at very reasonable prices.

How to send tires abroad

  • We only work with reputable shipping service providers such as UPS, TNT, or TOPTRANS, who offer an overview of how to deliver such specific shipments easily.
  • We will deliver tires to your home or office with pickup at your designated location. We usually pick up tires on the same day when you order the service and deliver them the next business day.
  • This is a robust shipment type that requires specific protection against damage. Like any other shipment, tires and wheels must be provided with appropriate packaging. It is not possible to send these shipments without packaging.

Instructions for packing tires or whole wheels

  • Car tires up to 19'' are packed by two pieces as standard. You can wrap the tires using a stretch film of non-rupturable material at least 0.04 mm thick and adhesive tape. This will provide the tires with the necessary protection.

  • When packing tires with discs, the best option is to pack the wheels in cardboard. Place the carton on the bottom and topside (i.e., on both sides) with tape to prevent damage to the film.

  • Pack tires with rims one piece at a time, as rims can be more easily damaged.

  • The non-binding price of postage can be calculated with the shipment price calculator after entering the weight and dimensions of the package.

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