Express package to Germany cheap

Express delivery of parcels and documents to Germany. We offer a better price than rival companies.

Do you think that sending packages to Germany is expensive? We will convince you it is not! When sending packages, documents, and other shipments, we use reputable shipping companies.

The main benefits of our service

  • Unbeatable postage costs to Germany 
  • Delivery speed – express shipping within 24 hours
  • Comfortable pickup of the package at any address
  • Maximum transport safety and security of the parcel from the Czech Republic and from Slovakia

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How much do letters and packages cost to Germany?

See the approximate prices of our shipments by weight. For a concrete price, which also takes into account the shipment’s sizes and a concrete place of delivery, use our postage calculator.

Price of postage to country Germany from 9.13 €

Shipment weight Courier Without VAT  
Parcel 0.5 kg DPD Classic 9.13 € Order
Parcel 10 kg DPD Classic 16.75 € Order
Parcel 20 kg DPD Classic 22.71 € Order
Parcel 30 kg UPS Standard 24.63 € Order
Parcel 40 kg UPS Standard 44.21 € Order
Parcel 50 kg UPS Standard 44.92 € Order
Parcel 100 kg TNT Economy 146.38 € Order

How long does it take to ship to the Germany?

  • Express shipping of packages, parcels, and documents – delivery within the next working day
  • Standard shipping time to Germany – approximately 2–5 working days  


Delivery time may vary depending on the recipient's postal (zip) code. Delivery time is calculated from its forwarding, which in most cases takes place on the same day after it was picked up from the sender's address.

Do you want to know the price of carriage in advance? Calculate it easily and quickly! Calculate price of the shipment

How to send a parcel to Germany from the Czech Republic or Slovakia?

  • The shipment must be packed properly, preferably in a cardboard box, without any additional barcodes on it. 
  • The recipient's information should always include his telephone number.
  • Read more about export restrictions.
  • All parcels sent to Germany are being cleared through customsexcept for documents. Customs clearing is always carried out by a shipper, who delivers the shipment. 

We deliver parcels from the Czech Republic and from Slovakia to Germany via UPS, DPD, or TNT. The carrier makes two attempts to deliver the package to the recipient’s address. In the case of unsuccessful delivery of the consignment, you can pick the package up in a carrier's local branch.

Shipping to any place in Germany is not a problem for us! We will arrange the delivery of your shipment to the capital of Germany, Berlin, as well as to other favorite destinations as Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dortmund, Essen, and other.

Nothing impedes the shipment from being delivered as soon as possible. Filling the online form in is enough.

How to send a parcel from Germany?

Do you need to deliver a package from Germany to the Czech Republic and want to know how much to pay? When importing packages from Germany to the Czech Republic, we charge an additional cost for its import. For an exact price calculation, it is necessary to know the sizes and weight of the package. 

Rules for transporting of food and medications to the EU

Durable food can be shipped within EU without restrictions, with the exception of food, its storage period is short, or those, which require special transporting (ex. refrigerators). Export of alcohol is completely restricted

Even the shipping of medications within the EU does not have any specific restrictions. It is assumed, they are sent for a personal use and their total number should be appropriate. If you are being treated for a long-term (for example, asthma) and need to get medications for several months, we recommend you obtain a medical confirmation from your doctor in English language in case of any possible complications occur. 

You will find more information about sending the medications on the website of the Customs Administration.

Frequently asked questions about the shipment to Germany

Question: I need to transport an electro bicycle from Germany to Prague. This is an older woman, whom I cannot bother with an excessive physical exercise – I mean, she would not be able to transport a bike by herself. Can you help me with this shipment?

Answer: Sure, the transporting is possible. The price of the shipping can be found out by entering the required information into the postage calculator. 



Question: I would like to get detailed information about shipping a bicycle (15 kg) from the Czech Republic to Germany. I primarily want to know the price and the method of packaging?

Answer: Shipment should be ideally packed in a cardboard box, but do not forget its dimensions. The total length + perimeter ((2x width) + (2x height)) should not be more than 410 cm. Otherwise, the shipment is oversized. Please, contact us at (+420) 608 380 388 telephone number, so we can outline the right way of packing and the price of shipping. 



Question: I need to send cash on delivery of 100g box in the foil envelope. Is it possible

Answer: No, unfortunately, we do not send cash on delivery to Germany.



Question: How much does the delivery of a registered letter cost? 

Answer: You will find out the price by entering a postal code into the postage calculator and choosing the option “Express letter.” 



Question: How much will I pay for package insurance worth CZK 10,000?

Answer: The fee for above-standard insurance is 2% of the sum insured. In your case, the insurance will cost CZK 200.


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