Tariffs and VAT for export shipments to non-EU countries

Goods sent outside the European Union pass through customs in the country of destination.The shipment recipient pays the assessed TOLL and VAT, and it is possible to transfer the customs assessment to the sender upon agreement.


TOLL and VAT are calculated from the total value of the shipment contents and the price of transport, including insurance. An exception is an express letter - in this case, the shipment is not subject to customs clearance. In the case of the non-payment of customs duties, the goods are returned at the he sender's expense.


The mediation of customs clearance is free of charge. Shipments to non-EU countries must be accompanied by a customs invoice. We will prepare all the necessary documentation for you. All you have to do is fill in the transport order correctly and completely.

Export accompanying documents

If you wish to receive the Export Accompanying Documents (SAD/VDD), they will be processed by the carrier at your request. Let us know about this fact in advance.

Tariffs and VAT for import shipments from non-EU countries

The customs clearance also applies to import shipments, i.e., shipments coming to the Czech Republic from non-European countries. In this case, you pay the following together with the postage:

  • 20 % deposit of the value of the goods and the amount of postage
  • 26.92 € fee for arranging the customs clearance

If the duty is lower than the deposit sent by you, we will refund the overpayment.

EORI number

The EORI number (Economic Operators Registration and Identification System) serves as an identifier of economic operators for communication with the customs authorities. The customs office assigns the number based on your application. Most often, it consists of the assigned VAT number.

The EORI number is entered in the Agreement on Indirect Representation, which is to be completed for non-EU shipments with a value exceeding 1,000 € (including postage). If the shipment is of a lower value, just attach a signed invoice stating the number and price of the items sent.

You can also find the application for an EORI number on the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic website. You can request an EORI number:

The customs offices where an EORI number can be obtained are provided by the Customs Administration of the Czech Republic on its website. The application for an EORI number takes approximately two working days to process.

There is an online application for private individuals, where there is a possibility to generate a temporary EORI number for individual cases of customs clearance.

If you have any questions, please contact us.