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Find information on the complaints procedure in the case of package's damage, loss or delay.

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What to do if the shipment was damaged?

If your shipment is damaged, the recipient should immediately contact the delivery company in the destination country and provide the following information:

  • the tracking number of the shipment,
  • list of items inside,
  • value of the shipment,
  • method of damaging,
  • information about the way of packaging. 


In the case of a damaged package, the courier should physically inspect the shipment. The recipient should not handle the damaged package until their arrival. The shipment must be presented in the condition in which it was delivered - i.e., including the outer and inner packaging.

To complete a damage investigation, the sender should always have an invoice available for the shipped goods, which the carrier may require to acknowledge the damage.

Send complaints and all documentation (invoice for goods, photos of damage) to our e-mail address We will inform you about the results of the complaint investigation within thirty working days.

If insufficient packaging is found, complaints cannot be accepted.

What to do if the shipment was lost?

If the shipment has not been delivered according to the expected delivery date, the customer should immediately notify the carrier (ideally the sender).

It is necessary to know:

  • how was the shipment packed,
  • what was inside the package. 


For all claims relating to identified losses or damage, a Report of Damage must be composed in the courier's presence on the day of the shipment's delivery.

Delayed shipment

We guarantee delivery and refund the difference in postage price between express and standard delivery for express shipments. It applies to UPS Express and UPS Express Saver shipments under its timely delivery guarantee. Before sending an express shipment, we recommend contacting our customer line at +420 608 380 388 to verify the delivery date.

Complaints related to a delayed shipment must be reported within seven days of receiving the shipment. Find more in the section Terms and Conditions.


If you have further questions about complaints, please feel free to contact us.

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