Package dimensions and weight

Each package must conform to the maximum possible dimensions and weight:

  • the maximum weight of a shipment is 500 kg,
  • the maximum length is 260 cm,
  • the total length, which includes both widths and heights of the package, must not exceed 410 cm in total.

If the package exceeds the stated instructions for dimensions, it may be refused for transport.


The packaging of the package must respect the weight and volume of the shipment with regard to the mechanical transport and the sorting line. We recommend:

  • rigid cardboard packaging, and in the case of heavier weights,
  • a sufficiently strong and reinforced bottom.
  • Note that the package will be transported in a position that may not match the natural dimensions of the goods inside the parcel. For example, suppose the shipment is tall. In that case, it is assumed that it will be transported in a horizontal position and sufficiently fixed in a stable position to prevent it from falling.
  • The package must be tightly closed, taped, and unpierced. Old barcodes and shipping labels can cause incorrect shipment processing, so remove them from the package.
  • The transported goods must be firmly fixed against movement inside the package. When sending multiple products simultaneously (e.g., bottles), it is necessary to use fillers and more careful packaging. This will significantly prevent damage to the transported goods.

Special fees

If the shipment is not packed according to the conditions of the carrier, or if the data you entered differs, the following special fees may be charged to you:

  • fee for irregular packaging,
  • fee for address correction.

Fees for irregular packaging are charged for:

  • Any items placed in an outer metal or wood shipping container.
  • Any shipments of a cylindrical shape, such as barrels, buckets, or tires, are not entirely enclosed in a corrugated cardboard shipping container.
  • Any shipments requiring special handling, for example, shipments wrapped in stretch film.

Fees for address correction are charged for:

  • Incorrect address of the sender or recipient of the transport order.