How to pack a parcel properly?

Practical tips on how to pack a shipment abroad safely. Properly packed parcel ensures trouble-free transportation and delivery.


Proper packaging is important.

Proper packaging is important. In case when the shipment is not packed according to the carrier’s requirements, or if the data you enter differs, additional fees may be charged. Follow the instructions below, and your shipment will be delivered without damage or any problems.

I want to send

Express letter

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Package / Luggage

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Palette / irregular shape

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Express letter

Express letters are documents of the smallest size, which are being delivered within 24 hours.
sheet size

Maximum weight up to 0.5 kg
Maximum size 33 x 24 x 1 cm

Allowed content:
letters and documents only

sheet cover

You can send letters without an envelope; just give it to the driver.

obalka listu

You should have a printed package label, which you also give to the driver.

Package and luggage

Regular transportation of packages and luggage is provided by GLS, DPD, TNT, UPS and TOPTRANS.
fill the box

1. Packaging and filling

We recommend using new cardboard boxes, including the inner filling, to fix the contents of the shipment

Specific shipping box

2. Specific shipment

Wrap the shipment that does not fit in the box in a carton and cover it with adhesive tape

box, tape all joints

3. Tape up all joints

Seal the box carefully with adhesive tape to prevent it from opening. Remove or re-label any old labels or other foreign symbols.

the weight of the shipment

4. Dimensions and weight

Measure and weigh the shipment. We will charge you back any weight differences. You can now fill in the shipment order.

Label the shipment clearly

5. Clearly mark the shipment

Write the sender’s and recipient’s addresses on the package in case the shipping label is lost.

Vytiskněte přepravní štítek

6. Print the transport label

Seal the box carefully with adhesive tape to prevent it from opening. Remove or re-label any old labels or other foreign symbols.

Don't forget the necessary documents

7. Don't forget the necessary documents

For shipments sent outside the EU, print the labels and customs documents that will be sent to you by e-mail.

shipment properly packaged

When packing your luggage, make sure that all items inside the luggage are correctly positioned and protected. All pockets and zippers must be closed.

Irregularly shaped shipment

Do you need to send goods of irregular shape?
No problem! We can ship goods of atypical form all over the world.
Place the goods in the appropriate packaging

1. Place the goods in the appropriate packaging

An irregularly shaped shipment must be placed in a box or attached to a pallet with a cable tie.

Pack the shipment correctly

2. Pack the shipment correctly

Use cable tie or foil and wrap the goods to protect them. The contents of the shipment must be packed in such a way as to prevent damage from a possible crash.

Pack the shipment correctly

3. Place the transport label

After packing the shipment, place a shipping label on a flat surface.


Are you looking for a favorable and fast way to send a large or heavy shipment abroad?
We offer quality and fast service at the best prices.
Delivery of the oversized shipments is provided by TNT and TOPTRANS.
pallet Pay attention to correct stacking

1. Pay attention on the correct packing

The goods must be placed on the pallet carefully so that they do not exceed the pallet itself. Otherwise, the shipment may be returned by the carrier to the sender.

Fix the shipment carefully

2. Fix the shipment carefully

Use cable tie or foil to fix the goods to the pallet. The fastening must also run across the pallet so that the goods form an indivisible whole with it.

clearly mark the shipment on the pallet

3. Clearly mark the shipment

Place shipping labels on the side of the pallet, not on the top. If nothing can be placed on the pallet, please let us know in the order.

  • The goods on the pallet must not extend beyond the edges of the pallet. Suppose a part of a specific consignment nevertheless comes off the pallet. In that case, its part must be fixed in order not to damage other consignments during the transportation.

The right dimensions and weight are important!
Please be as accurate as possible when filling out the order form.

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