Cheap parcel delivery from Czechia to Slovakia

Are you looking for the cheapest way to deliver the parcel from the Czech Republic to Slovakia? Express delivery within 24 hours.

We deliver shipments to all corners of Slovakia

We offer quality service from processing the order for transport to collection and delivery to the destination address.

Price of postage in Slovakia from 6.08 €

Package 0.5 kg
7.36 €
6.08 € without VAT
package 0.5 kg
6.08 €
5.02 € (without VAT)
Package 2 kg
15.20 €
12.56 € without VAT
package 2 kg
12.56 €
10.38 € (without VAT)
Package 5 kg
12.15 €
10.04 € without VAT
package 5 kg
10.04 €
8.30 € (without VAT)
Package 10 kg
16.46 €
13.60 € without VAT
package 10 kg
13.60 €
11.24 € (without VAT)
Package 20 kg
18.54 €
15.32 € without VAT
package 20 kg
15.32 €
12.66 € (without VAT)
Package 30 kg
17.28 €
14.28 € without VAT
package 30 kg
14.28 €
11.80 € (without VAT)
Package 50 kg
68.10 €
56.28 € without VAT
package 50 kg
56.28 €
46.51 € (without VAT)
Package 100 kg
95.15 €
78.64 € without VAT
package 100 kg
78.64 €
64.99 € (without VAT)
Express letter
42.74 €
35.32 € without VAT
express letter
35.32 €
29.19 € (without VAT)

Packaging material for your shipment

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Shipment to any place in the country Slovakia

No place is a problem for us. We most often deliver shipments to:

Banská Bystrica
Považská Bystrica
Spišská Nová Ves
Nové Zámky
Liptovský Mikuláš
Rimavská Sobota

We have gathered useful information on the process of sending a package to a recipient inside and outside the EU. While there are no restrictions in the EU, international shipments to countries outside the EU must comply with the relevant customs regulations and including the stated contents of the consignment.

We will inform you about the required shipping documents when placing your order. If the destination country has special regulations regarding the transport of certain items, we will inform you after creating the order. In our overview of goods for export, you will find out which shipping is prohibited.

Select the country of delivery. You will immediately find out the necessary information not only about the conditions of sending the package, but also about prices and delivery times. Once you've entered your shipment information, you'll also find out how much you can save on postage.

Why send a package with us?

We offer comprehensive services for export and import of shipments.

Dozens of verified carriers

Express and economical delivery

Express pickup that same day

Money Back

Professional customer support

Payment on invoice with a maturity of up to 14 days

Customs clearance assistance

Cash on delivery

Tracking of shipments throughout the transport

Shipment insurance up to 200 000 €


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Quick, easy, competent. I got a better deal than ordering with the contractors directly. Highly recommended.

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I am very satisfied, our company has been using your services for several months and everything works.

Michaela P.

Fast, from Ostrava to Brussels in 3 days. On time pick up service, updates via email, easy to track your parcel.

Renata Z.

Everything went perfect! Great service good prices.

Artem R.
Collecting the shipment the same day anywhere in the Czech Republic
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