Import pallets and packages from EU and non-EU destinations with a free pick-up.

Whether you need a reliable shipping service for your fragile goods or the express shipping of a pallet, we offer a perfect solution for imports into the Czech Republic. We cooperate with major carriers, including UPS, TNT, FedEx, and others.


We provide the delivery of import shipments sensitive about their security or delivery time from around the world and at very low prices. If you like reliability, speed, and comfort, ship with us.

We offer to pick up your shipment directly at your address, insurance up to 91.54 € free of charge, and much more. 

Fees associated with imports into the Czech Republic

  • Each shipment sent from non-EU countries (except for an express letter) is subject to customs duties + VAT and must be accompanied by an invoice and, in some cases, by other documents. We will provide you with the basic documentation required for the customs clearance of the shipment.


  • As the recipient of a shipment from abroad, you will pay the required VAT on the value of the goods and duty of the total weight. Please do not confuse these costs with the shipping fees paid by the sender when sending the shipment.

  • The customs duty and VAT are charged to us as the principal, so it is necessary to pay us a deposit for these fees in the amount of 20 % of the value of the goods and the postage + fee for mediating customs 27 € clearance. Of course, we will refund you any overpayment. You can pay for the service either by bank transfer or by credit card.


Note! Please keep in mind that each country has different export regulations.


Contact us or use the discussion forum to find out more. Our professional staff will help you find the most convenient transport options.