Package delivery with PPL

Send your parcels conveniently with PPL and take advantage of up to 75 % savings on postage price!

At present, PPL transports shipments weighing up to 3,000 kg in the Czech Republic. You can also conveniently hand over your consignment at one of the 1,858 collection points, so-called parcel shops.

Orders are accepted at PPL 1 day in advance, in urgent cases also until 12:00 of the same day. With a higher number of shipments, it is possible to arrange a regular pick-up every day or on certain days of the week.

What options PPL offers?

Delivery within 1-5 working days

Insurance up to 100 € included

PPL has strong coverage in road transport, currently operating with 1,200 vans. Choose the leading Czech transport company PPL.

With PPL you can send

Choose the required service for sending your package, document or luggage and book your transport online. We will pick up the shipment at any sender's address and deliver it to the recipient. The collection takes place the next working day after the creation of the order.

Delivery times vary depending on the destination of your shipment. Delivery takes place during normal business hours from Monday to Friday. For domestic shipments, you can expect delivery within 24-48 hours. Shipments going abroad will arrive at the place of delivery within 2-5 working days.

PPL It will offer you all the services you need

Domestic transport

Delivery within 1-2 working days

International transport

Delivery within 2-5 working days

Import of goods

The most economically advantageous service suitable for import shipments

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Discount code for shipping with PPL

Our customers can take advantage of an exclusive discount on services PPL in the amount of 2 €. The discount can only be applied on our website for international transport. Enter the code ACTION2 in the DISCOUNT CODE field when placing an order.

More detailed information on individual services PPL

Delivery time

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Package tracking PPL

To find out where your shipment is, you only need to know the tracking number. The tracking number of a shipment is a special number assigned to packages after the shipment has been created. Track the location and delivery status of a package sent by a leading European carrier PPL and keep track of where your package is located. It will save you a lot of worries.

Did you send the package or is the shipment on its way to you? We will help you find out where he is at the moment. It is simple. Enter the tracking number of your shipment in the search and get the latest information about the movement of your package.

What subjects are at PPL excluded from transport?

Dangerous and flammable goods, explosives and chemicals

Documents that can be exchanged for cash or goods, eg checks, securities

Human body parts and human remains

Live or dead animals

Why send a package with us?

We offer comprehensive services for export and import of shipments.

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Dozens of verified carriers

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Express and economical delivery

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Express pickup that same day

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Money Back

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Professional customer support

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Payment on invoice with a maturity of up to 14 days

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Customs clearance assistance

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Cash on delivery

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Tracking of shipments throughout the transport

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Shipment insurance up to 200 000 €

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shipments sent annually

Quick, easy, competent. I got a better deal than ordering with the contractors directly. Highly recommended.

Lukas M.

I am very satisfied, our company has been using your services for several months and everything works.

Michaela P.

Fast, from Ostrava to Brussels in 3 days. On time pick up service, updates via email, easy to track your parcel.

Renata Z.

Everything went perfect! Great service good prices.

Artem R.
Collecting the shipment the same day anywhere in the Czech Republic
I need to send a package abroad
as cheaply as possible!

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