Guaranteed Christmas Delivery

Avoid pre-Christmas stress this year. We guarantee the timely delivery of the shipment to your client, loved ones, or family to more than 220 countries worldwide!

Send goods and gifts without stress

Christmas time, one of the busiest months for shipping, is fast approaching.  However, sending your package does not have to be stressful or complicated.

Whether you need to deliver goods to customers, send Christmas cards or show your loved ones how much you care with Christmas presents, send your shipment with Balíkdozahraničí.cz.

We offer domestic and foreign express shipping at the lowest prices.

Avoid long queues at the post office and enjoy huge discounts from the most reliable carriers such as UPS, TNT, FedEx, DPD, Toptrans and more.

Express delivery is a sure bet

If you want your shipment to arrive by Christmas Day, we offer a special option to send the shipment via express services with guaranteed delivery within one working day.
Use the option for shipment pickup on December 20 and delivery on Monday, December 23 with Balíkdozahraničí.cz.
This is the last day for guaranteed shipment delivery by Christmas!

Order your shipment on time

Shipments sent with standard service should be given to the carrier no later than on December 18.
However, due to the large volume of shipments, we recommend sending the package earlier.
Do not forget to order your shipment on time!
Feel free to contact our customer line where we will inform you of specific delivery times for your chosen destinations.

Collecting the shipment the same day anywhere in the Czech Republic
I need to send a package abroad
as cheaply as possible!

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