Cheap parcel delivery from Czechia and Slovakia to Slovenia

Are you looking for the cheapest way to deliver the parcel from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to Slovenia? Express delivery within 24 hours.

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We use reputable shipping companies to send packages, documents and other shipments. Prices of postage to the country Slovenia start from 12.44 €.

The main advantages of the service

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Unbeatable price
delivery to the country Slovenia

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Delivery speed
express 24 hours

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Comfort pickup
package at any address

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Maximum delivery

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when clearing the consignment

How much do delivery cost to land Slovenia?

See the approximate prices of our shipments by weight. Use our postage calculator for a specific price, which will also take into account the size of the shipment and the exact place of delivery.

Price of postage to the country Slovenia from 12.44 €

Package 0.5 kg
DPD Classic Slovenia
15.05 €
12.44 € without VAT
package 0.5 kg
12.44 €
10.28 € (without VAT)
DPD Classic Slovenia
Package 2 kg
DPD Classic Slovenia
18.20 €
15.04 € without VAT
package 2 kg
15.04 €
12.43 € (without VAT)
DPD Classic Slovenia
Package 5 kg
DPD Classic Slovenia
18.20 €
15.04 € without VAT
package 5 kg
15.04 €
12.43 € (without VAT)
DPD Classic Slovenia
Package 10 kg
DPD Classic Slovenia
23.86 €
19.72 € without VAT
package 10 kg
19.72 €
16.30 € (without VAT)
DPD Classic Slovenia
Package 20 kg
DPD Classic Slovenia
30.49 €
25.20 € without VAT
package 20 kg
25.20 €
20.83 € (without VAT)
DPD Classic Slovenia
Package 30 kg
DPD Classic Slovenia
46.61 €
38.52 € without VAT
package 30 kg
38.52 €
31.83 € (without VAT)
DPD Classic Slovenia
Package 50 kg
UPS Standard Slovenia
116.06 €
95.92 € without VAT
package 50 kg
95.92 €
79.27 € (without VAT)
UPS Standard Slovenia
Package 100 kg
TNT Economy Slovenia
418.47 €
345.84 € without VAT
package 100 kg
345.84 €
285.82 € (without VAT)
TNT Economy Slovenia
Express letter
FedEx Priority Slovenia
45.69 €
37.76 € without VAT
express letter
37.76 €
31.21 € (without VAT)
FedEx Priority Slovenia

To the country Slovenia you can send

Shipments to the country Slovenia we deliver with these carriers

gls Slovenia


Cost-effective shipments with delivery to 40 European destinations with more than 25,000 GLS Parcelshops.

tnt Slovenia


The Dutch company TNT is one of the best-rated carriers with a wide range of delivery services.

dpd Slovenia


It is part of the international DPDGroup and the largest carrier on the European market.

ups Slovenia


American company for the delivery of packages and express documents operating in more than 220 countries around the world.

xxl Slovenia


It is one of the most reliable carriers of oversized shipments and pallets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

fedex Slovenia


Through FedEx, shipments can be sent door-to-door, including customs clearance.

wedo Slovenia


New reliable Czech carrier.

How long does it take to deliver the shipment to the country Slovenia?

Express delivery

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Next working day

Standard delivery time

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3-5 workdays

You need to send your luggage to the country Slovenia?

Are you planning a trip and don't want to pay extra for oversized luggage on the plane? You can send up to a 70-kilo package with us, which will arrive within 5 working days. So you can enjoy traveling with only a small hand luggage.

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How to send a shipment to the country Slovenia?

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Pack the package securely.
We will advise you how to do it.

phone icon yellow Slovenia

Please indicate for the recipient
foreign telephone number.

All shipments to the Slovenia we deliver with a carrier UPS or TNT. The carrier makes two delivery attempts to the recipient's address. In case of unsuccessful delivery, it is possible to pick it up at the local branch of the carrier.

Shipment to any destination country Slovenia is not a problem for us.. We will arrange for your package to be sent to any metropolis or other popular places.

What else is good to know when sending a shipment Slovenia to the country?

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What is and cannot be sent to the country Slovenia?

We will advise you what you can send and in what quantities.

Shipping drugs and food to the country Slovenia

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Shipment of cigarettes, alcohol and tobacco products into the country Slovenia

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Shipping goods with built-in battery

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Now there is nothing stopping your package to the Slovenia to come as soon as possible. .

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You import goods from the Slovenia?

We will ensure the delivery of goods without worries quickly, cheaply and safely!

How to pack a shipment correctly?

Whether it's electronics, clothing, cosmetics or even a skateboard. We will advise you on everything and show you how to do it - it is no science!

Frequently asked questions when transporting the package to the country Slovenia

How to send a package from the country Slovenia?

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It is possible to send to the country Slovenia by cash on delivery?

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It is possible to send suitcases from the country Slovenia to the Czech Republic

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Shipment to any place in the country Slovenia

No place is a problem for us. We most often deliver shipments to:

Novo Mesto
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service evaluation

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satisfied customers

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shipments sent annually

Quick, easy, competent. I got a better deal than ordering with the contractors directly. Highly recommended.

Lukas M.

I am very satisfied, our company has been using your services for several months and everything works.

Michaela P.

Fast, from Ostrava to Brussels in 3 days. On time pick up service, updates via email, easy to track your parcel.

Renata Z.

Everything went perfect! Great service good prices.

Artem R.
Collecting the shipment the same day anywhere in the Czech Republic
I need to send a package abroad
as cheaply as possible!

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